Safety and Companionship

Let’s make sure our Veterans’ important needs are met.

We lose 22 or more Veterans a day to suicide. Well trained companion dogs help support those veterans suffering from PTSD and provide a reason for living. Service dogs help with medication reminders, disorientation issues and directional challenges and even keeping track of time. These well trained companions help our Veterans gain independence and control over their lives as well as providing essential emotional support. Providing purpose trained service dogs can be an important step in helping our disabled Veterans successfully reintegrate into society.


The freedom to run, walk, and drive restores strength and confidence to our Veterans. Providing our disabled Veterans with the tools necessary to live their lives as independently as possible is a major goal of 4VETS4LIFE. Being able to drive themselves to work or school or to pick up their children is a basic need which is important to rebuilding their lives and providing essential avenues for self determination. Whether it is a family van to run daily chores or a work vehicle modified to allow a disabled Veteran to build and run their own business, we believe having a modified vehicle of their own also can be an important step to rebuilding their lives.

Education and Training

Our Veterans are young men and women who put their country first when it came to deciding to serve in our armed forces. As a result, they put their personal and educational futures on hold. 4VETS4LIFE believes that a good education, specifically tailored to help our disabled heroes achieve their future goals, is one of the important elements necessary to making their dreams become a reality. Whether they want to become doctors or lawyers or they want to become electricians or plumbers, the schooling they need to be successful is one of the critical building blocks to making their planned futures a reality.


The injuries suffered by many of our Veterans make the simplest daily chores and activities difficult or even impossible without costly help. By providing an accessible living environment that is modified to deal with the disabled Veteran’s particular issues, we can help our Veterans take important steps in restoring personal control of their daily needs. This improved access to normal activities allows disabled Veterans to focus on building their futures. One lucky Veteran in each program will win a complete, fully modified home as a base on which to build a new future.