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1. Create ShareFile Account


The first step is to create your ShareFile® account.  This must be done first as ShareFile® is the document collaboration system that provides comprehensive security for all documents being provided to 4-LiPHE for the 4Vets4Life Program.  (ShareFile® is owned by Citrix Systems.  For more information regarding ShareFile, please visit

2. Review your Signed Documents


Any documents that you sign electronically will be stored here on your ShareFile® account. Feel free to access and review these documents at any time.

3. Upload Documentation

Within 1 Week

Please upload a copy of the following documents through ShareFile® so that we can begin your background check:

  1. A copy of your photo ID: either your Driver’s License or Passport,
  2. Military DD214 form,
  3. DOD or VA Disability documentation: must provide details on your disability including rating, explanation of disability and verification that the disability was incurred during Active Duty.

4. Provide Additional Information

Within 2 Weeks

Please download the Additional Information form and fill out using Adobe Acrobat®.  This form provides additional required information such Emergency Contacts, employment and education information, etc.  Adobe Acrobat is a free software and most likely is already on your computer or laptop.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat®, please download the free software from the Adobe website at

5. Upload up to 25 Photos

Within 4 Weeks

Please upload up to 25 photos to your ShareFile® account which must include the following:

  • 5 photos of only you: in uniform, business casual, and casual,
  • up to 20 more photos that must include you, but also can include family or other things that relate directly to your Story, Your Dream or your disability. 

Within this ShareFile® folder is a document that provides some tips on how to take the best photos.

6. Upload 3 Videos

Within 4 Weeks

Please upload three videos to your ShareFile® account. Each video must be 3 to 5 minutes in length, and must include the following:

  • Video #1: Tell us your Story: we want to hear your story in your words, so please take this time to help us get to know you. 
  • Video #2: Tell us your Dream:we are excited to hear what you want to accomplish with your $100,000, corporate donations, and network of experts.
  • Video #3: Tell us about what life is like with your Disability: we want to understand how your disability has impacted your life.

Within this ShareFile® folder is a document that provides some tips on how to take the best video on your phone.