Axel Valentin

Location: New Hampshire, USA
Branch Of Service: Marine Corps
Disability: 90%


My Story

Axel Valentin is 90% disabled, dealing with both the physical and mental effects of PTSD which was brought about by the trials and hardships of his service In Iraq.  He feels detached and suffers debilitating bouts with migraines. While in service in Iraq Axel was exposed to the inevitable hardships of war, seeing fellow marines killed and injured and working constantly, and to the very limit of his abilities to protect and defend his fellow soldiers. 

His efforts never flagged and he was constantly awarded and promoted for his effort.  Among his many accomplishments while serving, Axel was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal three times, was also appointed his units color sergeant, received Navy unit commendation, Marine Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq campaign medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Marine Corps Recruiting Ribbon, as well as numerous Certificates of Commendation and Appreciation.

But for Axel, the impact of his service continues…

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The anxiety and profound sense loss brought on by PTSD has made it difficult to keep a job and has made it impossible for him to pursue the education path he always dreamed of as well.  He struggles to care for his wife and family and hopes to succeed in overcoming his issues and building his future as well as his family’s.

As much as we would like to be able to flip a switch and resolve Axel’s disability unfortunately that is just not possible.  We can, however, work together to help him find a path that will bring him to the point where he sees a bright future for himself and his family.  Axel, like most of our soldiers formed a tremendous bond with his fellow soldiers and spent his time in service fighting to keep them alive and as safe as possible.

Axel’s Dream is to reach out and help his fellow disabled veterans, his unique understanding of the trials and issues they are going through drives him to try and make a difference in helping them reintegrate into society. He goal is to create a company that provides assistance to disabled veterans. His plan is to call his company “R3” which stands for “Repurpose-Retrain-Reintegrate”, with the initiative designed to not only provide connection and support to disabled veterans but help them build the skills and talents to become a part of society again.

4Vets4Life wants to help Axel make his Dream a reality. And with your help, we can do that. Your donation can provide the first steps in Axel achieving his Dream, and 4Vets4Life, in conjunction with other non-profits and organizations, can provide him the network and resources he needs for that Dream to be a success. Together, we can change the lives of others by helping Axel’s Dream become real.