Christopher Stoughton

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Branch Of Service: Army
Disability: 50%


My Story

Christopher Stoughton is 50% disabled, suffering from intense PTSD due to his active combat duties.  Joining the Army, Chris followed in a strong family tradition of service where his father, mother and older brother, as well as numerous other members of his extended family, served in the United States military.  His strong sense of honor and the desire to help others took him to Afghanistan in 2009 where he immediately was thrust into combat. 

Chris fought hard and honorably and was awarded numerous medals, among them being the Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the NATO Service Medal and his Combat Infantry Badge. 

Unfortunately, Chris’ time in the Army led him to where he is today…

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Over the course of his tour Chris witnessed numerous atrocities and the traumatic injuries to members of his unit, all of which had by that time become close personal friends.  The intense combat and resulting injuries to his buddies left Chris with a strong sense of guilt, a “why them and not me” feeling and an even stronger sense of having failed to keep them safe. 

This led Chris down a path resulting in PTSD which he still struggles with to this day.  The sleep disorder, anxiety, major depression and mood swings brought on by the PTSD cost him his relationship with his first wife and young son, and he was soon homeless and on the streets.  He turned to drinking to try to silence the nightmares and help him sleep but the alcohol only contributed to his downward spiral.

Through the help of an old friend from high school, Chris began to finally receive the help and support necessary to begin to pull together the pieces of his life and he is now receiving counseling to help deal with many of his PTSD related issues. He is still dealing with the obstacles that his injuries have put in his path and with your help and support we can provide the tools and critical aid that will give him a life worth looking forward to. 

Chris is passionate about trying to help others and his Dream is to start a small farm – raising animals and planting organic gardens and orchards with the goal of providing fresh, healthy and free food to his fellow disabled Veterans.  He would like to have space to allow recovering Veterans a safe quiet place to recover and participate in helping to grow things to help others. He understands from his own experience how important it is to have a purpose in life and having a goal that is worth living for.  He also dreams of donating fresh food to the local school and providing a great place for the kids to come on field trips to learn about caring for animals and caring for others. 

4Vets4Life wants to help make Chris’ Dream real. With your help, we can do that. Your donation can provide the first steps in Chris achieving his Dream, and 4Vets4Life, in conjunction with other non-profits and organizations, can provide him the network and resources he needs for that Dream to be a success. Please help Chris to build his Dream and provide the opportunity to help him help others in need.