David Smith

Location: Utah, USA
Branch Of Service: Army
Disability: 100%


My Story

David Smith grew up in Michigan with many challenges brought on by a difficult family life including the death of his father when he was only five and the subsequent mental breakdown of his mother.  He joined the national guard at the age of 17 and after graduating high school and basic training he began his service In Afghanistan as a combat engineer. 

David now, due to injuries during his service, has 100% disability.  Because of his bravery, David has earned a Purple heart, Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Army Reserve Component Reserve Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal and Army Service Ribbon.

David is a hero because…

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David’s primary duty involved road clearing to remove IED’s which made his unit top on the list of targets for the enemy.  In 2009 his unit was ambushed and struck with small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades.  David sustained serious injuries along with the rest of his unit but managed to take control of his vehicle and drive his team out of the ambush where they were able to be medivaced.

The physical trauma of the attack and the emotional aftermath caused by seeing his fellow soldiers injured has left David with lingering physical issues and constant battles with PTSD. These challenges have left David unable to hold down a job for any period of time and even to be around other people in an enclosed environment. Since moving to Utah, David has found that being outdoors in nature brings him some semblance of peace and allows him to decompress and even contemplate getting married and starting a family.

David has developed a passion for working with wood and finds that the peace he is searching for might be found in working in his own woodworking shop where he can create things for others and even offer some guidance to other disabled veterans.  Creating a sense of purpose for himself and fellow veterans is part of the dream David has for his future.  David’s Dream is to be able to create a woodworking business that can support himself and his family.  In addition, David wants to be able to give back to other veterans who may assistance as well.

Help 4VETS4LIFE provide the opportunity for David to develop the skills and abilities necessary to deal with his physical challenges and the critical pathway of learning how to effectively deal with his PTSD. With your help and the help and in partnership with our numerous other veterans service organizations we can provide David with the assistance he will need to overcome his disabilities and build the future for himself that makes life worthwhile.