Seth Maier

Location: Washington, USA
Branch Of Service: Navy
Disability: 100%


My Story

Seth Maier moved around a lot as a child making it difficult to establish strong roots.  He decided to join the navy to serve his country and become part of something greater than himself.  He comes from a long family history of military following in the footsteps of both his grandfather and his father.

During his seven and a half years in the Navy, Seth distinguished himself with numerous awards, including the Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Battle E Ribbon, Navy Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Coast Guard Unit Commendation and Global War on Terrorism Ribbon.  However, he also discovered that the inside of a navy ship has very few soft services, and he suffered four concussions as well as head, back, neck and leg injuries which were severe enough to cause him to have to leave the navy. During his service he also suffered from a sexual assault the aftereffects of which resulted in severe PTSD.

And now Seth is dealing with the repercussions…

full story

Seth has difficulty in dealing with the nightmares and depression as well as fear of large groups and other unreasoned fears.  Difficulty in sleeping and dealing with anxiety has made it difficult to find and hold a job to help support his family.  Seth has found some solace in being outdoors and in nature, as it helps quell the fears and anxiety.

Due to his experiences, Seth dedicates himself to social services with the goal of helping others in need, especially other disabled veterans.  Seth’s Dream to is to buy a property out in the wilderness and where he can build cabins for other PTSD suffering veterans to come and decompress, and provide counseling and activities designed to build self-reliance and trust in a supportive but open environment. He would like to provide for others the surroundings that help him most with his disabilities.

Please join with 4VETS4LIFE and our partner veterans service organizations to help Seth accomplish his dream of building a place where other veterans and people in need can gather in a safe environment, and work to deal with their traumas.  With your help we can provide him with the network of resources he needs for his dream to become a success.