What does the 4Vets4Life Program provide?
Each 4Vets4Life Program will provide 10 qualified Veterans with $100,000 that will be used to fulfill their specific dream. In addition, based on public votes one of these Veterans will also be awarded a single-family detached home in their area that has been fully rehabilitated and modified to their specific needs.
What is the purpose of the 4Vets4Life Program?
The 4Vets4Life Program is designed to serve two primary purposes:

  1. To let Americans see the faces and hear the stories of those Veterans who risked everything and suffered greatly to protect our freedoms. To introduce real people who suffer and allow Americans to see the real problems and costs associated with these Veteran’s sacrifices.
  2. To provide an opportunity for these Veterans to recapture their lives that were damaged through our gratitude for their sacrifices via our public donations to help them achieve their Dreams.
How many 4Vets4Life programs will there be?

There will be multiple 4Vets4Life Programs each year, with 10 Veterans for each Program. With your help, our target is to run 30 4Vets4Life Programs each year.

What are the Rules for the 4Vets4Life Programs?
For the complete rules for the 4Vets4Life Program, to review the General Rules for the 4Vets4Life Veteran Assistance Programs click below.

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Are all Veterans who apply going to be selected for a Program?
Unfortunately, no.  We can only run so many programs at any time and so Veterans will be selected based on their Stories, their Dreams and their timeliness in submitting their application and providing any requested follow up information required for their participation in the 4Vets4Life Program.
How does a Veteran apply for the 4Vets4Life Program?
The Veteran applies online via the Vets Apply Now link on this website.  Applying is easy and should take a Veteran less about 15 minutes to complete the application.
Is there a deadline for applying for the 4Vets4Life Program?
No. There will be multiple 4Vets4Life Programs run throughout each year, so applications from veterans will continue to be accepted continuously. However, only 10 veterans will be selected for each Program, with the selection of veterans occurring prior to the start of each Program. Consequently, the earlier a veteran application is received, the more likely for that veteran to be in an earlier Program and be awarded the $100,000 plus potentially a fully rehabilitated, mortgage free home modified to their specific needs.
Who is eligible to apply to be a 4Vets4Life Program Participant?

Any US Veteran who is disabled is eligible to apply to become a 4Vets4Life Program Veteran. Disabilities include physical and/or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • a resident of one of the fifty (50) United States, the District of Columbia, or any U.S. Territory;
  • a veteran of the one of the branches of the United States armed forces (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard) who has already been discharged, and your discharge was neither dishonorable or other than honorable; and
  • have a disability rating granted by the Department of Defense or a VA disability rating that demonstrates that your disability was incurred during your term of Active service.

Additional information about the 4Vets4Life Program can be found in our Program Rules.

What information is going to be asked of a Veteran on the application?
The application will be asking for basic information including military background. Most importantly, each applicant will be asked to tell us a little bit about themselves (their Story) and tell us what their Dream would be if they had $100,000 and help from specialized individuals in achieving that Dream.
When you ask about a Veteran’s “Story”, what are you looking for?
Each Veteran has a unique story, where they currently are in life and how they got there.  Tell us about who you are, your family, your background, exciting experiences, life changing moments, etc.  Anything that shows who you are as a person beyond just the basic information being collected.  We want to get to know you and share your story with the rest of the world.
What kind of “Dreams” can Veterans ask for?
Simply put, anything! Truthfully, our Veterans know more about what they need and can Dream larger than anything we could ever hope to conceive of.  We want to hear from the Veterans on what they need to change their lives or the lives of others.
If a Veteran applies, is the information they are providing protected?
Definitely.  We take great care to protect the information provided to us.  Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we use and protect our Veterans’ information.
If a Veteran is selected for a 4Vets4Life Program, will additional information will be required?
Yes.  In addition to the information provided on the initial application, each Veteran will have to provide authorization allows for a basic background check.  Additionally, each Veteran will be asked to provide more in-depth information about themselves, their lives, their Stories and Dreams, as well as photos and other marketing information.
If selected, will the Veteran be required to have their information, including photos and videos, shared publicly?
Yes.  As part of the 4Vets4Life Programs, each Veteran will agree to allow their Stories, Dreams and some information about themselves including photos and videos to be shared with the public so that public can select which Veteran to vote for to receive the additional award of a fully rehabilitated and modified home specific to the Veterans’ needs.
How are the 4Vets4Life Program Veterans selected?
The 4Vets4Life Veterans are selected from those qualified, disabled Veterans who have completed the initial application online.  Based on the volume of applications received, a group of Veterans will be selected by 4-LiPHE/4Vets4Life representatives to provide additional information including authorization for a background check.  Based on the responses from this second round of data collection, a final selection of Veterans will be selected by the 4-LiPHE Board of Directors
Who is administering the 4Vets4Life program?
This program was created and is being administered by the 4-LiPHE nonprofit. 4-LiPHE (pronounced “for life”) stands for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness forEveryone”.  4-LiPHE focuses on providing programs, information and education regarding individuals with disabilities with the goal of creating a world in which people with disabilities can have the resources and support needed to be able to fully pursue their dreams for life as ably as those without disabilities.

To find out more about 4-LiPHE, go to their website at www.4liphe.org.

Is 4-LiPHE a registered non-profit organization?

4-LiPHE is registered with the Internal Revenue Service with Employer Identification Number 81-3763501 and is incorporated in the state of Virginia. 4-LiPHE is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

To find out more about 4-LiPHE, go to their website at www.4liphe.org.

Is 4-LiPHE currently raising charitable donations for the 4Vets4Life Program?

Yes, we are currently raising funds for our 4VETS4LIFE Program.  Click here to see our Veteran Participants or here to Donate. We appreciate your willingness to say thank you to our veterans for their brave and selfless service.

To find out more about 4-LiPHE, go to their website at www.4liphe.org.


No. There is a lot of work prior to fundraising that goes into each 4Vets4Life Program. 4-LiPHE is currently collecting and vetting veterans for upcoming 4Vets4Life Programs. As part of the initial preparation, 4-LiPHE has established relationships with a large number of NGOs and veterans’ nonprofits as well as developing the marketing materials required for each of the 4Vets4Life Programs. Early applicants have a higher chance of participating in a 4Vets4Life Program sooner as applicants will be reviewed on a first come/first served basis. Consequently, if hundreds of applications are received those later applicants may have to wait longer to benefit from these Programs.

Where does the money come from for these 4Vets4Life Programs?
The money is raised from public donations collected through the administering nonprofit organization 4-LiPHE.

To find out more about 4-LiPHE, go to their website at www.4liphe.org.

Do the Veterans get the $100,000 in cash?
No.  The $100,000 awards are to be used specifically for the fulfillment of our Veterans’ Dreams.  This money is held on the Veterans’ behalf and 4VETS4LIFE will use partner NGO’s and Veterans’ nonprofits to help administer each Veteran’s award so that the maximum benefit for the funds donated can be achieved. Each award will be further magnified by soliciting goods, services and funds from partner corporate supporters who will benefit by being associated with helping to build each disabled Veteran’s future. By leveraging the expertise and connections of our partner nonprofits and corporate supporters, we believe we’ll create more support for the Veteran beyond the $100,000 while also bringing more visibility and public attention to the issues facing disabled Veterans and champion the organizations that help them today.
Who works with the Veterans towards fulfilling their Dreams?
4-LiPHE and the 4Vets4Life Program partners with nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. These organizations provide resources, education, information and guidance for individuals and households with disabilities.  As public charitable contributions are being raised for a specific 4Vets4Life Program, 4-LiPHE will be working with partner NGO’s and Veterans’ nonprofit organizations with specific expertise that are best suited to fulfill the needs of each Veteran’s Dream.  These nonprofits will get to know the Veterans and begin planning and working towards the moment that the $100,000 becomes fully available to each Veteran.  At that point, the Veterans along with their representatives from the selected nonprofits will begin executing towards the Veterans’ Dreams to ensure the greatest possible success.
What exactly does a 4Vets4Life Program entail?
Each 4Vets4Life Program has three phases: Pre-Public, Fundraising and Execution.

  • The Pre-Publicphase is where applications from Veterans are accepted and from these applicants the next 4Vets4Life Program Participants selected. Once the 4Vets4Life Program Veterans are selected, we work with the selected Veterans to gather all necessary information, perform background checks, and create the appropriate marketing materials for each Veteran.  This process can take a few months depending on the volume of applications received.
  • Once the 4Vets4Life Veterans are ready to go public, the second phase of Fundraising During the Fundraising phase, the 4Vets4Life Program will solicit charitable donations from both public and private donors as well as corporations. In addition, 4-LiPHE will work the Veterans and the appropriate NGO’s and nonprofits to begin the planning towards the execution of each Veteran’s Dream.  This step is wholly dependent on receiving charitable donations which is outside of 4-LiPHE and the 4Vets4Life Program control.
  • Once the Fundraising is complete, the last phase is Executionwhere 4-LiPHE works with the selected Veterans and nonprofits to successfully fulfill the Dreams and acquire, rehabilitate and modify the home for that one lucky Veteran for each Program.
When will I know if I have been selected to participate in a 4Vets4Life Program?
As we receive applications, we review these applications and see how well they will fit into the upcoming 4Vets4Life Programs.  During this review process, we may contact you for additional information and authorization to perform a background check.  Once we have made a final selection, if you have been selected a representative from the 4Vets4Life Program will contact you directly via the contact information you provided in your application to let you know which of the 4Vets4Life Programs you have been selected for and to discuss timing and expectations.
Once selected, how long until the Veterans get their money?
Unfortunately, there is no defined time period from the point when as single 4Vets4Life Program begins fundraising until the fundraising is complete and the Veterans receive their awards.  Our ability to raise charitable donations from both the public and from corporate donors can vary based on a number of factors.  However, we actively seek to move this process along as quickly as possible so that we can work towards the fulfillment of our Veterans’ Dreams.
Will all of the public charitable contributions given to the Veterans?
At this point all of the time and effort with the exception of the web page design and our social media out reach is gratis or donated effort.  We are using no public donations or funds to launch the program.

However, we hope that the program succeeds and grows. As it does, we fully expect that the necessity for some dedicated administrative personnel will grow as well, and our design to deal with that will necessarily involve costs to support the growth of services as well as the increase in numbers of Veterans served.  We have structured the program to make use of donated goods and services to maximize the value of actual public donations so that corporate support will cover most of these anticipated costs. We will in this way be able to further leverage public donations to make an impact far in excess of the $100,000 actual dollar figure for each participating disabled Veteran. As the program ramps up and funds are donated there will be complete transparency with full financials posted on the 4Vets4Life site.  We believe the trust and support of the American public is essential to the success of the 4Vets4Life Program and helping as many Veterans as possible, as such there can be no secrets.

How is the house awarded?
In addition to the $100,000 that is awarded to every 4Vets4Life Veteran, one Veteran from each program will also receive a fully rehabilitated and modified home to their specific needs in the region in which they live as of the time that they provide their initial application.  Some of the homes to be awarded may be provided by corporate donors but that selection may be limited based on region.  Should the home be provided, the home will be delivered mortgage-free to the Veteran.  In addition, an extra $100,000 will be allocated to be used for rehabilitating/modifying the home to the Veteran’s specific needs.  In the event that a home is not available, the Veteran will have a budget equal to the average price of a single family detached home in the Veteran’s area plus $100,000, with this being the extent of the funds used to acquire and rehabilitate/modify the home.  The selection of all vendors used for the construction and transfer of the home will be at the discretion of 4-LiPHE and its representatives.
Is there anything else that the Veterans get?
In addition to the $100,000 for every 4Vets4Life Veteran, as well as a mortgage-free modified home for one Veteran of each 4Vets4Life Program, 4-LiPHE and the 4Vets4Life Program will actively seek to raise additional funds, services and products from corporate and other nonpublic donors to increase the awards to each veteran. These donation solicitations will be driven by the requirements for fulfilling the specific Veteran Dreams. For example, if a Veteran’s Dream is to own a small plumbing company, then a sample additional corporate donation might be a van and/or tools beyond the $100,000.  However, 4Vets4Life can make no guarantees that additional donations beyond the original $100,000 and the modified home will be available for every 4Vets4Life Program.
What should I do if I other have questions regarding the 4Vets4Life Program or 4-LiPHE?
For any questions, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us via our Contact Us page on this website with your specific question.  These Contact Us queries are monitored regularly and a representative will respond as quickly as possible to you.

To find out more about 4-LiPHE, go to their website at www.4liphe.org.