About 4vets4life

Our American Crisis

We can never be too early to reach out and help, unfortunately sometimes we can be too late.

As many as 20 American veterans commit suicide every day. Whether it is due to post traumatic stress, crippling injuries, or a deep sense of loss for the future they feel they lost, whatever it might be that is costing us our most precious treasures, we need to band together and fix it. Join with us and help to reclaim our brave young men and women, help us to build the futures they deserve. Help to build a life they will look forward to each and every morning.

Our Mission

4VETS4LIFE is dedicated to providing vital assistance and support to American wounded Veterans in order to help them overcome their injuries and re-establish themselves as successful productive members of society.

Our Values

There are over 2.9 million disabled American Veterans. 4VETS4LIFE is asking you to join with us to help our disabled Veterans to regain the lost dreams for their futures and help provide the necessary tools and training to put our wounded Veterans back on the path to the lives they deserve. We value their past commitments to our country, and we are committed to their successful participation in our future.

Our Goals

The 4VETS4LIFE goal is to deliver the support and assistance our wounded Veterans need to make them once again productive members of our society so that they can grow to become the foundation of our nation’s future freedom, success, and stability.  Our goal is to help Americans understand wounded Veterans’ needs and to make their dreams a reality, including:  education, training, tools, accessible housing, safety and mobility, medical therapy, and transportation.

Our Team

With your help and participation, we can accomplish anything. There is no issue that is too big or difficult that together we can’t solve. We are fully committed to do everything we can to make a lasting difference and change as many deserving Veteran’s lives as you make possible. These are your Veterans and this is your country, work with us to make a difference.

Our Veterans

4VETS4LIFE introduces ten wounded Veterans with each program launch. These extraordinary individuals have been carefully selected through a vetting process aligned with established military transitioning organizations, NGO’s, and charities. Only then, do they join the 4VETS4LIFE challenge to win $100,000 each to help realize his or her dream of restoring their futures and overcoming limitations they incurred from bravely serving in our nation’s Armed Services.